The annual conference in August is the top meeting of the committee. At this meeting next year’s activities in the working groups and for the project managers will be decided. The directors will meet during spring and among others things they will decide themes for the conference. Each country has appointed a project manager who will coordinate the activities for his own country, and he will also be responsible for keeping contact across the borders.

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The most important ways of co-operate are the working groups and the workshops. During the conference, these groups will bring up the themes, which are of interest to most of the co-operating countries. Environmental issues have been the most important themes the last couple of years, however, also international operations and administration of properties are themes of great interest.

The committee for environmental issues was established in 1996. It is now replaced by a working group for environmental issues. In 2003 administration of properties was brought up, and in 2004 the working group for ratios and benchmarking was established. A working group consisting of properties and building facilities in connection with international operations has also been established.

In April 2007 the four organizations in Nordic Defence Estates signed an agreement on purchasing services from each other. Thereby, the committee is building a stronger relationship. This is done from the wish to exchange further experiences and competences within the defence areas in particular. A closer co-operation will result in higher competences, better resource utilization and a larger range of services for the defence force in our respective countries.